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Single Serve Services

  • Free equipment rental
  • Customized Schedules & Prompt Delivery
  • Full Service Maintenance & Repair
  • Power Smart Machines with LED Lighting

We offer Real Cup (k-cup compatible), Espresso, Coin Operated and Bunn Equipment options. Contact us for more details on our equipment options and how you can qualify for our Same/Next Day delivery programs.


Call us to order your exclusive VIP Coffee Customized Roast today.  



Why We Partner with Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee 

For more then three generations Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee has committed themselves to providing "A Better Beverage Experience." As visionaries and innovators, they invested and educated themselves on the best processes, technology and ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction was obtained and maintained throughout the past 100 years. By hiring the right people and following the best practices, they have been able to deliver coffee and tea to companies all across North America. Their success is only measured by the success of their clients, which is why we are proud partners of Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee. 







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Our Single Serve Coffees are ideal for

Hotels & Motels, Convenience Stores, Bed & Breakfasts,  Gas Stations, Cottages & Cabins, Resorts & Lodges


Your brand should stand out. Customize your K-cup compatible machines with your logo and text. Call us for more details. 

 Coffee Types Available

  • Private label VIP Roasted Coffee
  • Roasted Whole Bean Coffee
  • Roast & Ground Coffee
  • Certified Organic Coffee
  • Certified Fair Trade Coffee


  • Flavoured Coffee
  • Soluble Coffee
  • Microwave Coffee
  • Espresso Pods
  • Single Serve Pods


Single Serve Brands

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Working with brands such as Brown-Gold, Higgins & Burke, Marley Coffees and Martinson, has allowed Park Avenue Vending and VIP Coffee to expand our partnerships in Winnipeg to numerous businesses and residents. Give us a call for more information about our single serve coffee and tea services.

Our Partners

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